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Does the boat have the CAT MPD's for the gauges?
If yes, then the engines are outputting J1939 which can be converted to N2K. We used Maretron J2k100 converter boxes along with a Maretron "Y" adapter. Unplug the 12 pin Deutch plug (female) from the MPD, plug that plug into the male plug socket on adapter cable, plug the Maretron female plug into the MPD, plug the N2k plug into J2k100, attach N2K drop to J2k100. It was relatively easy to setup our Simrad EVO2's and IS35's to display the CAT data. If the engines have the older CAT EMS gauge panels the communication is via CDL (CAT Data Link) there may be a converter, can't help as I haven't researched CDL. There are some good threads on THT about converting J1939 and also converting from analog senders/gauges.

You can learn a lot from this CAT document about their various electronic gauges, etc.
Maretron 12 pin Deutch adapter for CAT
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