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Originally Posted by Buoy Scout View Post
I don't understand the value of "auto routing." I'd prefer to specify my own route.

The cool thing about routing with Navionics is that you have the option to route using autorouting if you have a Navionics+ subscription (https://www.navionics.com/usa/charts...ck-autorouting) or you can use manual routing... or as I do, both. I like to create an auto route first to see what the app suggests. Then I create my own route. Often they are very similar but this gives me double the confidence in the route that I chose.
Also, the autorouting lets you set your draft, cruising speed, etc so it automatically calculates how long it will take you, and sets you on a safe route for your draft. This feature, again, makes me double confident in my route choice.

As for Garmin's plans for the auto routing feature, I can't speak to that but Navionics will continue to offer it.
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