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Originally Posted by chrisrack View Post
Thanks CME - so ...... since I already own a Promariner and a Charles (and not interterested in buying a third brand), I assume that you recommend that I keep the Charles?

Why is it that you don't like Promariner?
-Far too many failures
-their add-on indicator panels went out almost yearly
-chattering upon startup from an off position

I forgot to add. I believe people forget that they have their charger plugged in and charging and when they start their OB or IM they pop the Promariner charger. Now, is that their fault or yours? I guess the other brands I mentioned have a protection factor for that. I guess If you NEVER FORGET to un-plug it before you start your motors, ....... good luck with that.

I know of no real dealer installing them anymore. Most of us have moved on. Norco, Powermania, etc.

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