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Originally Posted by Windham14 View Post
Someone give me an idea what twin 200 HO's should cost for my Reg.
I got a price of $49,000 out the door from two different places. 49K for twin 200's? WTF? That's $23,000 more than I can get a pair of Suzukis done for out the door, labor and everything included.
I have twin 200 HOs and I was thinking $35-37k with LCD display, icon controls and labor. The idock is another 5-6k. Are you comparing like engines set-up/fly by wire/ power steering/etc.? I know too that the dealers sell for way less than advertised MSRP so they force you to go in to ask to get real prices.

I will say this about my G2s, I have had some minor issues but evinrude went above and beyond to make it right. You call their tech support, they issue a case number to your engine serial numbers, and the efficiency of service is quick. I didn't even have to file warranty claim paperwork. It was just taken care of. The way it should be. Not saying the motor is perfect but they definitely stand behind their product. The torque is what will sell you on these motors. It's unbelievable until you experience it. My boat is 7k lbs loaded with deep vee and a single 200ho will put me on plane and WOT in the low 30s.

Keep in mind the 3.4 liter V6 200 HO is actually somewhere between 225-235 hp. Same block as the big hp motors just tuned all the way down from what I understand. Torque is what you are paying for between the 200 and 200 HO

To answer OP. Have had engines for about 300 hours. Overall pleased. Economy is great. Would go with them again.

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