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Originally Posted by 7raptor View Post
I was going to order a new memory card and update my Garmin 7612xzv - is the Navionics data available yet?
From an earlier Post..

How will Garmin purchase of Navionics affect other brands?

Garmin will not be allowing a Navionics card to be put in a Garmin unit, however, their intent is to merge Navionics data in to their LakeVu and Blue Chart map programs. In the areas where Garmin's coverage is weak, they will add the Navionics data to fill those gaps. There will be updates to mapping that will be announced 2 times a year as they have done in the past. The updates will indicate what lakes have been modified.

Navionics will continue to operate as an independent company selling and supporting their products to all other manufacturers like Lowrance / Humminbird / Raymarine etc. This only makes sense as that is where their money is made. In addition, the Active Captain software will eventually be compatible with apple products. They are just waiting on the release. No date was given.
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