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Originally Posted by ReidPfromNC View Post
Good eye seahorse. I don't want to derail this thread but you're spot on with two issues; we ARE mounted as low as we can go, but yes, turns out this bracket WAS mounted abnormally (2-3") higher. Appears we should have gone with 30" engines not 25s, but old 25" V8s were on it when we got the boat and we never had the opportunity to run those. The F250 powered boats are running 30s, which I realized "after" we were testing these. Currently we can use very little trim without ventilation, so we think we're looking at the 5" kits and then raising the engines up whatever it takes to find the right setup. Here's a pic of the old engine setup and bracket, whereas brackets on most other BF 29s are mounted at the factory boot top level or lower.

Bob's could probably make a set of jack plates dilled with an offset if they aren't off far.
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