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Capt. Sam,

I was scammed by my marina and one of their "approved" vendors on the compounding of the hull sides of my 1988 Sea Ray 390.

He mixed Nu Finish in with a well known buffing compound. I know this because I saw the bottles on the ground asked if that was what they used to do the final wax. He said no and that it was mixed in with the compound of a single stage buff. Basically I paid for compounding but got a glaze. It shined like new for about 3 weeks. After that I knew I'd been had and it was back to dullville again.

I'm going to haul the boat next month and DIY the hull sides correctly this time. I own a Dewalt Variable Speed Rotary and a Griots Random Action 6" Buffer. I'd like to purchase everything (Pads, Compound, Polish) from one source.

I've done my own boats for many years and have many of hours of experience with the rotary but always used automotive compounds in the past on smaller boats. Since the area I'm working on is so large I want to make sure I'm using the right materials for this job.

Looking forward to your recommendations.

Thanks, Ken
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