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If you wind up going for this boat, just make sure that Volvo Penta service is easily available in your area. I would suspect that it is, but its good to check. I did not know that the Hudson was that bad. Sounds worse than LI Sound actually.

If you're thinking of towing this boat all the way to Lake George, you will need a tandem axle trailer, with a pair of 5200 lb capacity axles and 12" disc brakes on both. Your tow vehicle will have to be up to the task. It is not something to be taken lightly. A 1500 series pick up will be just about maxed out with this boat. If you've never towed anything before, practice practice and practice some more. I would not want to trailer this boat on a regular basis I'd be looking to keep it at a marina or on a mooring with a water taxi service to get to it and back.

While all these boats look good for their age, I still think, you might be better off with something a lot newer, even if its smaller for the same money. The problem with I/O power trains is that they are really very maintenance intensive. If the maintenance is not done, and if certain repairs are not done in a timely manner it can really cost you. Even something simple like leaky riser gaskets can come back and really bite you because it can cause expensive damage, because someone ignored the rust stains at the riser/manifold joint and did not spend the $$ to replace them. Not an expensive job either. The same applies to maintenance on the drive unit. If the are serviced on schedule they can be quite reliable, mine has not needed to go to a mechanic for over 10 seasons after a few seals were done back in 2004, but that is because I have done all the maintenance every year.