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Originally Posted by Rolandt03 View Post
if we want to stop this madness, they need to make it legal to for the shop owners to protect there property any way they need to! guarantee after i pepper him in the ass with some bird shot, he wont be back to steel anything again.
Many moons ago, I had a CB radio and linear amp stolen from my car in my driveway, and my next door neighbor caught the guy doing the same to his. Clocked him with a baseball bat across his upper arm, and broke it.

When the cop arrived, the perp said he was going to sue... the cop asked him, "For what? I saw you fall when you tried to get away."

HOWEVER - the reason these thefts occur isn't because the lot owners don't have the right weapon, it's because they do a piss-poor job of securing the boats and actually preventing them.