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Good for you, Tony. I had sort of figured that after so much work going into the Carlson you would have a change of mind about selling her instead of fishing her with the guys as was the original intent. I have found that over the years that a smaller group on a flats boat gets at least as much, if not more, out of a trip as being on a larger boat with more people. AND the trips are much easier on the body as well as the billfold.

I haven't gotten serious about selling my Carlson yet. With my lung issues and other health issues, the heat and humidity keep me in a lot although I did run her on the hose a couple of days ago. Guess when it cools down and the humidity slacks off a bit, I'll run an ad and see what it produces.

If you PM here on THT , drop me a message and i'll get back with you. Got a couple of questions I want to ask you.

Good Luck with the new school year. Will be a big task to outdo last year's project you did with your Carlson but I'M betting you will do it.

Thank for sharing your rebuilt on your Carlson Back Bay Skiff!!!!!

Capt Joe