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Default Great Looking Boat and coffin. The No step bow area is a must have for me.

Originally Posted by duckduckboom View Post
Is it just me or does it seem to be impossible to remove the dividers in the fish box?
You can't pull them straight up.
The divider picture is misleading to a non fiberglass builder. There is what they call draft on the inside walls of the fish box. Meaning it gets narrower as the walls go down. This allows the part to pull from the mold easier. So the Divider may only need to raise a little bit. like an inch or two and then it will swing side ways probably? then out.

I being a retired builder of custom parts like this would like to see a Live well built into part of it with its own smaller hatch. so the whole lid would not have to come up. I also think its great to have the divider option, On My own much smaller personal boat my coffin box Is set up to keep part of it Clean Ice for lunch and drinks and part for all the fish.

The coffin is fantastic when bottom fishing, chunking up north or sword drifting and facing tackle in the rod holders. Also Not needing an under deck Macerator and gravity draining the Bloody fish water is so much better.

Great Looking Boat . I could be tempted to go bigger again with this cat. Very custom looking finish I have to say. Screams Fish me and enjoy. Also when we overnight chunking up north and its slow fishing. No bean Bag on the deck. That large lid would be very inviting.