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Default New No BS Invincible Cat 40 Thread

Since the previous Invincible Cat Thread was closed by THT Mod 7 last evening for inappropriate posts, and I have not seen a replacement, I thought I would get one started.

For those considering a post, I am including THT Mod 7's comments:

"Thread closed. Enough BS. Want to start a thread to talk about the Invincible Cat? start another one and keep it on topic. Want to talk about other issues then start a new thread in the appropriate forum and keep that one on topic and within the rules. I came late to this party; too late to go back and try to clean up and remove the off-topic posts

I will say, however, that if a new thread starts and someone tries to start the same crap that happened here, then they will be banned for a period as long as some of the waiting time for a build slot with some of these manufacturers"

So this thread is for the new Invincible Cat, not diversions to other topics. Have fun guys, I really am interested in information and discussion of this new boat.
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