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Originally Posted by Kevin50 View Post
Freeman hid the problem promptly and initially denied it ever happen. They did back their product. They rushed overnight to back this 42 into a private storage facility so no one would see this massive failure.

It was not the 37, it was the 42. A 37 had a failure, as did another and that is why there is not trips on the 37's anymore. The 37 failures were mild cracks, this was much worst.
I think it's pretty clear that I'm a v-hull guy but I deal in high end auto insurance 9-5. When we get a high end car involved in an accident or even a tire blow out. Before it goes on the flat bed the licence plates come off and more often than not we cover it. I don't care if there was a massive tire failure or they hit a wall drunk, we do it for all of them.

As odd as this sounds motors have fallen off. I saw it happen on a 5 hour old Everglades Bay boat....I did not get a photo because I was the one who towed it in. Here is another high end boat with an incident....

Good on Freeman for getting it in and getting it fixed. Hopefully they learned what the issue was and it doesn't happen again. If motors start falling off all of them I will lead the pitch fork mafia.
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