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So wait a minute, does this mean that my offer to purchase your space in line is being rejected? With all the bad things you posted about Freeman, these other two people must be crazy, even crazier than me because they made the offer first. I feel like Bernie Sanders... always getting the shaft. I did put in a call to Scott, making sure that he'd allow the person on the list to have a name change and he said and he said that YOU DO NOT HAVE A SPOT IN LINE. Is/was your spot under a different name? I mean, if you don't have a spot, it really makes you look stupid. If you DO have a spot, then it makes SCOTT look like an idiot as he doesn't even know who's in line. I'm sure you got some kind of confirmation after you paid 10k. If you're looking to truly shame him, why not prove your side? Again, I'm ready with a certified check/wire transfer. BTW, when was your boat scheduled to go into the mold, the Freeman that is?
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