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Originally Posted by Cosgrove View Post
It should be interesting at the Ft Laud Boat show. Freeman will have their 37 and their 42 while Inv will have their 40. It'll be rough I'm sure. We'll see which one heads off shore. With all the cell phone vid's, we shall see just how good it is in rough water. I mean lets be honest, who cares how fast it is when it's calm? There's another boat co. that's motto was "Let the ride decide". Freeman will have it's groupies, Inv will have theirs. A smart buyer will ride them both on the same day. Each boat will have it's pro's and con's. I personally don't listen to people that are in bed with either, I make my own decision. A couple of years ago there was a race down here in Miami called the "Grove Slam". I would LOVE to have all the cats show up for a "CAT FIGHT". Have all the manufacturers show up with a boat with a T top and the same power...say Merc 350's, that way someone wouldn't show up with a stripped down hull with nothing more than a center console. Each OWNER of the company would have to run his own boat, NO professional drivers, just one owner vs another. Send your best boat. If you win, you win, if you lose, you lose. Comp, Prowler, Freeman, Inv, SH and any other boat mfg that wants to risk the fame vs embarrassment. Heck, I say do it before the Miami Boat show, that way all of them have their kinks worked out and there's no excuses. The video would be all over the web and they could use it to bring potential customers in. They wouldn't have the excuse "It's too expensive to go all the way to Miami to do it" when they're already here. What do you guys think?

I could have sworn we were talking about fishing boats. Apparently not. I guess they are all race boats now. Speed and sea keeping are not necessarily mutually inclusive. "Racing" these boats is silly to me and means mostly nothing in a fishing boat. But, to each his own.
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