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Originally Posted by Kevin50 View Post
I have had two other PM's about my build slot, and I will go in that order. I am not looking to make money on the slot so I think that is only fair to offer in order of request. I will certainly meet you in the Bahamas and "allow" you to buy this ****-ass a drink if you allow me to buy you one also.

Also, I am not against the selling of build slots. What I was against was Scott lying about the fact that he allows it.

As to posting personal things, I learn my lesson when Rod27 posted a PM I sent to him, which showed how little character he has. But his actions also proved my point that he was asking how much I would pay for his spot, not that he would sell his spot.

I do plan on starting my build thread, but of course when my build actually begins.

As to negative comments about "riding by the shop", yes, I know boats have mechanical issues. Let me repeat, ALL BOATS HAVE MECHANICAL ISSUES. My concern is that Freemans have the same issues, repeatedly, which makes in more of a design defect that anything else.
You should really let it go Francis. I was just playing along with your game. No need to keep trying to insult me. As was said, Freeman doesn't know who you are, and they were puzzled by your comments. But now it's have no deposit on a Freeman. Keep up the charade if you want.
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