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Originally Posted by Kevin50 View Post
I have had two other PM's about my build slot, and I will go in that order. I am not looking to make money on the slot so I think that is only fair to offer in order of request. I will certainly meet you in the Bahamas and "allow" you to buy this ****-ass a drink if you allow me to buy you one also.

Also, I am not against the selling of build slots. What I was against was Scott lying about the fact that he allows it.

As to posting personal things, I learn my lesson when Rod27 posted a PM I sent to him, which showed how little character he has. But his actions also proved my point that he was asking how much I would pay for his spot, not that he would sell his spot.

I do plan on starting my build thread, but of course when my build actually begins.

As to negative comments about "riding by the shop", yes, I know boats have mechanical issues. Let me repeat, ALL BOATS HAVE MECHANICAL ISSUES. My concern is that Freemans have the same issues, repeatedly, which makes in more of a design defect that anything else.
I might have missed it but what boat do you have now?
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