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We do same thing, but mosquitoes are a problem here in florida, so its all inside the pool enclosure!! Works great with our setup which is bluray player and amp in media closet, just unplug tv hdmi cable and plug in a 50 ft one going out to projector, turn off channel.a.on amp.and channel b on, all sound is on pool speakers, kids love it as they can be in the pool and watch movies while adults sit around the cooler table! Lol
Also works great at halloween, we move it to front yard and project a kid friendly halloween movie onto garage door, just hang out in driveway handing out candy!
The first year i had it i downloaded some scary clips and projected them onto the shear curtain on dining room window from inside, apparently that scared quiet a few little kids, so stopped doing that.
Theres so many fun things you can do with the projector, get creative and enjoy it!!!
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