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Originally Posted by Rmoody79 View Post
Just finished cutting away one of the worst braid birds nests I have ever seen on one reel and repairing another , and my wife wants to know why I never ask my brother in law fishing
Haha my best friend is just like that. Great guy and will do anything for you, loves to fish but he is a wreck on a boat. I run my spools loose,and he picks up a rod with 150 yards of brand new braid. I told him be easy on it that's brand new braid and I have just about 0 brakes set on it. First cast he bird nested it so bad every bit of it had to be cut out. He slams live well lids, wears boots, brings bananas. He went to put a fish it the ice chest tripped and through it back over board. Can't back up a trailer to save his life. He means well and loves to go so I don't complain, he's learning.