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Originally Posted by easttnboater View Post
Yeah - my dad - back when he was physically able to go boating. He scared the crap out of me every time. Still, I would take that over the dementia he has now.

The moral of the story is - your wife wants to be with her dad. Sit back and try to enjoy the ride.
A few weeks ago the wife and I went out a little early try and get a little fishing in while the kids (10&13) stayed at the grandparents house. Later in the day my wife's father decided to take his boat out with my kids and meet up with us by the beach and anchor up to swim for a bit. We were there first so as he pulls up and ties off to our boat the first thing out of my son's mouth is how slow grandpa drives and right after that my daughter says how they almost tipped over when a big fishing boat past them as they exited the inlet!! Lol! A bit exaggerated I'm sure. Oh the memories!
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