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Originally Posted by Daniel Peterson View Post
In my opinion, you guys should read more reviews before making your decision, many ice machines on market right now, some good brands: NewAir, Scotman or SPT...
Those are disposable machines,when they break you throw them out.

Even the more commercial undercounter 250 to 350 pound ones you cannot get replacement parts for.

They may be branded Scotsman or other names they are made by the same foreign company and rebranded.

I sell commercial used equipment and am kinda wondering why those who like to put the machines in enclosed spaces like garages and such do not lean more to the remote units?

The head and bin are in the garage but the condenser is located outside much like the A/C units.

You have to run the extension freon lines like an A/C but it keeps the heat outside.

You see them a lot in convenience stores and gas stations.

I sell 5 regular self contained units compared to one remote unit so people like me sell them way cheaper.

If it is a situation that works for somebody long term it is way more efficient and cost effective without the heat build up.

Water cooled versions were mentioned but if one is on city water they are very expensive to run with the amount of water useage.