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There's a few ways we mitigate from too much light from our backlit switches ( )

1) wire the lights to a panel light switch, so that you can turn them off when you don't need them, and only on for a second while you search out the switch you're looking for. This allows the running lights to be on without the switch backlights.

2) The backlights can be dimmed using most any pulse width modulated dimmer. We've used a Blue Sea Systems Deckhand dimmer for this many times, and also carry a Carling brand dimmer module we can cut into our custom switch panels.

Note that the indicator light at the bottom is feed from the same source as your load, so it cannot be dimmed without also dimming your load. But you generally only have a few switches on at any given time and have not found that this is a big issue.

As an aside, the red LED switches are the least bright. Followed by white, then blue LEDs are quite bright.

thanks for asking!
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