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Originally Posted by jrybicki View Post
Finally back from my business trip. Going to be ordering the Auto Pilot in the next couple of days and the 4G radar before the end of the month. Also looking for a local welder so I can get a radar mounting plate welded into the t top. I'm slowly accumulating the rest of the little bits which at this point is really just the wire, connectors, shrink wrap, label maker.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to run 2" schedule 40 or 3" for my main wire bundle. I don't want it to be overcrowded or have issues with overheating but, the 3" seems like overkill. I also emailed Stern Saver about getting a custom block made however I have not received a reply so I may try calling them this week. If they are unable to make one I'll have to go the DIY route. If that's the case is it better to go with Delrin or Starboard? and do you have to flame treat Delrin like I would with the starboard? anyone have tips/tricks on threading the plugs or is it easier to just dremel an undercut?

Today I was able to break out the Custom Helm Ebox that Boat Outfitters built for me and get the Unidock and VHF mounted. I think it turned out great, though the latch does slightly bump the VHF power knob, not a huge issue as the front plate will only be on when the boat is stored or I'm sitting at the dock for security. I also had to modify my Ram Mount slightly to accept the HDS-9 Carbon mounting bracket but I'm excited to get that installed soon.

Looking at pulling wires towards the end of this month, dreading doing the job, but excited to do it and have wiring I can trust and have all this new bling installed on the boat
Looks great and rest assured, there may be a bunch of lurkers but there are plenty of interested parties in your project here. Thanks so much for detailing everything and your updates, and keep them coming.

The boat looks great after cleanup/paint, by the way. It will feel like you're in a new boat when all is said and done.