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Originally Posted by fkjunkin View Post
Any suggestions on where to try for a tuna in mid May?

Will be my first trip targeting them but as everything else is closed I thought I may give it a shot.

Thinking the VK are might be what I go for and run from Biloxi, would this be a decent plan?

I can trailer to Venice but not sure i want to, range is not an issue.
I trailered down from NC. NOLA and Atlanta were my biggest headaches. Can't say I enjoyed towing threw NO, but it's probably better than than a long run in an angry gulf. We really didn't have a plan other than catch bait. We just bounced rig to rig, dropping some pogy chunks, one with a hook and another with a swimmer on it. It doesn't take long to find out if the rig is holding tuna. Live bait was more effective, but we did catch quite a few on the chunks. We caught tuna on the rigs(green water) in 300ft east out of NE out to the rig in 3000ft(blue water) 22nm south(150)' out of South pass. I also found a bump a couple miles out of south pass in 120' that held all the snapper we could catch. My dad couldn't believe that we didn't fish the rigs for snapper. For never fishing down there before, I think we did OK. Sure learned a lot.

Thanks Capthoop for that, good to put a name to them.