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Default How much freeboard is enough?

on my boat it hits me about 3/4 thigh thats about
35 ''.it gives me a feeling of support in a large sea.when i have a fish on i can lean into it without feeling like i'm standing on a ledge.i looked once at a used whaler that had good gunnels but no real stern .i said to myself if anybody ever put that boat in gear with a little speed if anyone was standing up they would be in the drink real fast.i like the secure feeling but i guess it's a matter of what you want to put up a matter of fact when i took a test drive in my boat
they took me out in the 22 footer not the 25 and my son kept saying this will never do,the height of the gunnels had him concerned when he got into the 25 he was much more at ease.
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