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[QUOTE=jrybicki;10135331...I was more worried about all the accessory pumps interfering with the transducers especially the 3d structure scan but that does make sense that there shouldn't be too much anyway. ......I'm thinking of clamping it to the side or going with steel cable ties but I'm open for suggestions there.

.....I'd rather mount it to the pump and it didn't look like I could do that with the WEMA. How are you mounting them?[/QUOTE]

The pump brushes themselves can produce some EM noise but that will be local to the pump mostly. Smart to think about that.

I would suggest staying away from steel in the raceway application. Think tabbing with glass or fabricating clamps from pvc/starboard. This without the metal plates.
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You're correct about the mounting they don't have a direct method. I attach to a wall where I can or fabricate an "L" bracket from fiberglass or stainless. One end is screwed below the pump with the same fasteners as the pump and the switch to the other flange, Easy and fast to fabricate. Packing tape over something that forms a right angle and is big enough. Resin and fabric to taste. Peel off when done, sand, drill, install.

I can think of a couple of ways to adapt it to pump mounting, but I don't think I could justify the work... Darn it, now you've got me thinking about it.

Here's a picture of the real deal. It's a nice part.
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