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Originally Posted by jrybicki View Post

As far as wire rigging tube goes, do you just run one schedule 40 pipe down the side for the steering cables, motor harness, bilge accessories and transducers, or do you run one for all the high power draw items and one for the low power draw items to reduce interference?

I have also been looking at bilge float switches and I'm torn between an Ultra safety systems JR or a water witch... Pro's/Cons of each?
There is no AC current(except a bit of leakage from the rectifier) in your boat systems so there is much less cross talk to worry about. You can run them all in the same tube. For sizing try to figure out the size of the bundles and the largest connector and size for <=50% fill on the bundles and make sure the connector(s) can fit. Put the hydraulic and fuel in it's own tube. If you need more than 2, you know what to do.

As far as bilge pump switches I'm currently installing some of these WEMA products. I have them on hand and they appear very robust, but I can't give any long term results yet. What I do know is that wema is no newbie to marine products and they have a good reputation.