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I apologize that its been a while since the last update. I haven't really been getting a lot of feedback or questions answered along with a recently very busy work schedule. My SonicHub2, UniDock, Folding T-Top Light and 2 Rigid D-Series Marine Dually Flood lights have all come in and I dropped the boat off at Tall Sail Marine a few weeks ago for some gel coat/ fiberglass repair, vivid bottom paint as well as some compounding/polishing to remove the heavy oxidation off all of the tops side paint and a nice detail. Excited to get the boat back and it look New. In the mean time, I've been waiting for the Lowrance HDS carbons to hit the stores so I can pick one up and I need to put the auto pilot on order. I may also be dropping the boat off to a welder after it gets back from paint to have a radar mount installed as well as some trailer tie downs added. I will also be ordering fuse boxes and common bus's shortly then I'll be able to measure all the wire runs so I can order wire.

As far as wire rigging tube goes, do you just run one schedule 40 pipe down the side for the steering cables, motor harness, bilge accessories and transducers, or do you run one for all the high power draw items and one for the low power draw items to reduce interference?

I have also been looking at bilge float switches and I'm torn between an Ultra safety systems JR or a water witch... Pro's/Cons of each?