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Originally Posted by STEELA View Post
They already install hard stops in installed Gps units in cars if the car is moving, so the strawman anti regulation crowd is missing that fact.
It's common sense for the mfg to save humanity from itself sometimes
What does that mean? I've never heard the term used in that context.

As for texting while driving, people are going to do stupid things. I've seen it a lot on my pre-dawn commute. Some dumbass speeding up and slowing down, swerving in the lane, etc. I decide to pass them and as I go by, sure enough, their face is lit up by the screen's glow.

I'm not sure what they are doing but they are probably either texting or reading THT updates or something equally as important. Me, I can barely drive my desk and text so driving the truck and doing it is out of the question.