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Default Your Thoughts On A Deal?

Saw a Craigslist ad for 2006 Yamaha 130hp 2 stroke twins, seller was taking offers, no photos. He was repowering to four strokes at a dealer. I called him up, he said he was looking for $2500 but would take an offer; I countered at $1500, which he accepted. The deal was structured so that I would pay the dealer a fee to check and crate the engines and take to a freight forwarder, and pay the seller through the dealer. While checking around regarding this engine model, I found that Yamaha quit making the 130 hp 2 stroke in 2004.

I called the seller and presented this info; he then told me they were 2003 models sold new and put into service in 2006. I then asked him to tell the service department of the dealer to run printouts for the engines, so I would know what kind of shape they were in. He agreed.
That was several days ago.

Today, having had no contact from the freight forwarder, who was supposed to get the data to quote a shipping price from the dealer, or contact from the dealer on anything, I started calling and emailing. I heard back from the service manager from the dealer, who said he had sent me an email a week ago with a quote (he didn't) and that he couldn't get a printout for the motors, as they were 1996 year models. He sent a quote of $355.73 to crate and transport the 2 engines to the freight forwarder. The freight forwarder then sent me a quote for about $577 for shipping from Honolulu to Pago Pago. So all together I should be looking at about $2500 delivered for 21 year old motors..

I am not happy about a 10 year surprise; the other fees are what they are. The seller has not responded to me yet regarding the date change, but seemingly he has misrepresented facts twice to me directly. The freight forwarder and the dealer have not communicated for 2 weeks until I hunted them down today. What do you think of this deal?
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