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Originally Posted by Qb1rdman View Post
Gotcha. I expected something about decor, but whatever.

If you have guns in the house everyone needs to know about them (even the kids) and they need to understand that they are just tools, but they can be deadly tools.

Please don't raise the next generation of people that gets all weirded out about guns. Talk to them, let them see the guns, let them touch the guns, and let them know that they are just a tool.

Four years old is not too early.
She is aware of them. Grandpa is lifetime LEO. She knows what they are and not to be around them. I am hardly going to let her fire a 12ga or play with one, you could easilt lose a finger. She has dart gun toys that we are very strict with how they are playe dwith and used. She shoots a dog or person, time out and 30 days without that toy.
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