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Originally Posted by Mr. Demeanor View Post
New site is ALMOST up and we are just fine tuning some things.
I have some odd products that have high shipping rates because of their length like my 8' stick anchors.
One of my must haves is a shipping estimator.
Do you prefer an estimator for each individual product or one in the shopping cart.
They both estimate by entering your zip code.
In my opinion, you need to split the high cost 8 ft parts into separate packages so the consumer only pays the high rate on the parts that need it. Do whatever you can to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. \

the other option is give the customer a choice. Most internet buyers want everything shipped at one time (ASAP as you already know) and don't want multiple delivery dates (especially for stuff that needs to be signed for or for expensive stuff that will be left on their front door).

Be certain to explain why some products have expensive shipping costs and let them decide if they want to pay the higher rate for everything.
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