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Originally Posted by takemorepills View Post
Where I grew up, I was around a lot of Mormon families who would raise their kinds with firearms. I believe if you are going to have a firearm in the house, the kids should know about it, how to use it and how to be safe. And they should practice often. My son is totally disinterested in our stuff because 1.) it's been around his whole life and I have taught him how to use. 2.) since it is not taboo in our home, it doesn't interest him to even pay a second thought to it. (BTW I do lock it up because we have other people around, so I don't leave our stuff easily accessible)
I only mention that because I sense a concern over firearms with kids.......
IMO, if you are so concerned with kids, maybe think about a different kind of weapon? If someone doesn't know the floorplan of your house, you still have the advantage over them even with a spiked baseball bat!
We just had a home-invasion in my area 2 days ago. 3 people broke into a house and immediately attacked the owner. If your firearm is so well locked up, these guys would have got to you before you could get them (saw the security video, it was QUICK). A pistol you could reasonably carry around the house (concealed) but not a shotgun, that would be kind of bizzare.

Not trying to judge anyone's sensibilities! Just offering my point of view.

And I think a DP-12 would be a great shotgun to consider. If a perp saw a DP-12, you may not HAVE to fire it....just saying!
That will come in at an appropriate age. 4 is not that age. I would never carry a pistol on me around the house, no need to. Most break ins here nobody is home, or perp thought nobody was home. I also have dogs.

All I am asking for is advice for safe, locking storage for a single shotgun.
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