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Contemplating getting the new S8 but was dissapointed to see they went larger in size yet again with both new phone options in S8 offering and with a curved display on both this time. I previously had a S7 and it slid off the bridge in 2k feet of water Albacore fishing. Replaced device with a S7 edge and while I like it for browsing the web it sucks for texting with one hand as it is too large of a keyboard and the curved display makes screen protection difficult. I recently decided to add a device and make the edge a dedicated corp email device and had planned on getting S8 for personal use but after seeing specs I may just get an S7 as it was a great phone.

What say the THT cell phone experts
A couple of comments. There is a "one hand mode" that shrinks everything down to use with one hand. Triple press the home button and it should pop up. If not, let me know and I'll look into how to turn it on.

I have the screen protector on the link below. It works great - no change in sensitivity or brightness. It does get dinged up so I replace it when needed - but it's cheap enough that it doesn't matter.

The S8 is 7mm taller, but it is actually 1.5mm thinner than the S8.

I use a case from Spigen that does a nice job of rounding out the edges a bit. I've never had a problem holding the phone or with the edges digging into my hand. And as much as I hate admit it, my hands are on the smaller side

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I am in a bit of a pickle over this as well. I made the switch to an iPhone over a year ago and its just too "simplified" for me coming from a Galaxy S4.

The only thing holding me back from going back to a Samsung is Facetime.... Sounds silly but my GF son calls me all the time (he has special needs). I am basically his step-father since he actual dad is damn near absent except for a check. Put it this way, I have dated her for 5 years and never met the guy. Her son saw him last weekend only because his older sister was "going there anyways".... At least he got his Christmas card while he was down there (Yes, 3 months later and the guy lives 20 minutes away in PGA).

rant over... Debating on trying out Skype with him and if that works I will go back to a Samsung.

The Google DUO app works wonders - it is just Facetime for Android. It has an app for both Android and iPhone and works seamlessly between the two. I use it to let my parents video call with my kids - we still call it FT
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