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Default Restored Vinyl Boat Cushions with Rustoleum Vinyl Spray Paint

I recently refinished my vinyl boat seats on my Seafox 216CC. I used some old threads on here to guide me as I have never done this before. I figured I would share my experience, results and the products I used to hopefully help someone else out. I started by wiping them down simply with Windex. I then used a lug nut brush and some 303 Vinyl Cleaner to remove the grime. I then removed the interior foam from the cushions and rinsed the vinyl in water and let them to dry. After that I replaced all of the plastic shielding around the foam with .5 mil plastic to prevent any molding in the foam in the future. I reinserted the, now protected, foam into the vinyl and I was ready to paint. I used about 8 light coats of Rustoleum Vinyl and Fabric to renew the cushions. (10 cans did all the pads shown in the picture). After they dried, I touched up the logos with Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex - as suggested by Sherwin Williams. Touching these up had me on my last string of patience. Then I sprayed all of the cushions with 3 coats of Rustoleum Crystal Clear Clearcoat Semi Gloss to seal and protect the vinyl and the logos. (Do not use Krylon over the Rustoleum). Finally, I sprayed all of the cushions with 303 Aerospace UV Protectant. The cushions haven't been used on the water yet since Maryland is still a bit cold this year, but the finished product looks great! (see photos) I will give an update in the future once they have some use. I put the links below to all of the products I used. I also contemplated using SEM products, but they were not available in store around me other than ordering them online. I hope this helps someone save some time and/or $$$.

303 Marine Vinyl Cleaner

Rustoleum Fabric and Vinyl (Color: Sand)

Rustoleum Crystal Clear Clearcoat (Semi Gloss)

303 Aerospace UV Protectant
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