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My custom helm e-box and link-8 came in this past week, I also just ordered the SonicHub2, UniDock, Folding T-Top Light and 2 Rigid D-Series Marine Dually Flood lights. Everything seems to be coming together nicely though I'm still waiting on the boat leveler trim tab locators to be back in stock to order and so patiently waiting for the HDS Carbon series to release though I could pre order. Until those can be put on order I'm at a stand still on the project for the most part. I'll probably drop the boat off in the next couple weeks to get some gel coat repairs and bottom painted.

I know the topic has been beat to death, the boat currently has an ablative paint that has seen way better days... I trailer my boat and it'd never be in the water for more than a day or two so what is everyone's go to bottom paint for trailered boats?

I also want to install an under deck rigging tube to get the wires off the bottom... Should I just use some 2" schedule 40 PVC and mount it up a bit from the floor?