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Default Networking AIS between to chartplotters

Hey all,

I have a pair of Navico chartplotters in a dual helm setup. A Simrad NSS-9 at the upper helm, and Lowrance HDS-7 (Gen-1) on the lower. Recently I've purchased an AIS receiver and have it hooked to the HDS via NMEA 0183 and it's able to pick up AIS targets. I had assumed that the two plotters would share the AIS data unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case initially.

The two plotters are networked via both NMEA2K and Ethernet. They share radar, sonar, autopilot, waypoints, navigation etc today. I assumed the Lowrance would take the AIS in via 0183 and share it out over NMEA 2K to the other plotter. Does anyone know if there are specific NMEA sentences that need to be shared? I have ensured that both plotters are sending/receiving waypoints via N2K. Am I out of luck here and have to run a 3rd network (NMEA 0183) between the units?
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It can vary by brand and model. I believe when I tried to do this with s pair of bng zues it didn't work. It shared wind data via a single 183 but not ais. We ended up replacing the ais anyways to n2k.

The problem is ais is not one of the source choices in the lowrance / simrad/ bng family. Where as most other things are chosen in source. So you can't tell it where to look.

You'll probably have to split the 183 to both plotters. Or buy a nmea 183 to n2k adapter if you don't want to run the cable.
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Originally Posted by TenMile View Post
...I assumed the Lowrance would take the AIS in via 0183 and share it out over NMEA [2000] to the other plotter.
You assumed the chart plotter contains some sort of gateway device that knows how to translate NMEA-0183 sentences to NMEA-2000 PGN data. It does not contain such a device. Even if it did, it would have to know about hundreds of possible data sets and how to translate them. Such a device is not particularly simple or likely to be incorporated into a chart plotter.

The solution is not difficult: let the AIS receiver's NMEA-0183 TALKER drive the NMEA-0183 LISTENER on both chart plotters. There is no problem in NMEA-0183 serial data connections for one TALKER to drive two LISTENERS.

Originally Posted by TenMile View Post
[Will] I ...have to run a [thi]rd network (NMEA 0183) between the units?
NMEA-0183 is not a network. It is point-to-point serial data. And, yes, to get AIS data to the second chart plotter you will connect the second chart plotter to the AIS data from the receiver, in parallel with the first chart plotter, using NMEA-0183.
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As above - I have two HDS Gen3's connected with ethernet and N2K.
I am using a SH 2200 for the AIS data. Note that if you are using the 0183 for the AIS data you can't use the 'call' function to hail the other station.

The radio needs to be on the N2K network.
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