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Default Furuno Fish Finder LCD Display How to Repair DIY

Hello all, This is my first post here. Long time reader.

I have an old Furuno FCV-582l LCD fish finder that experienced the classic screen damage noted in other threads. The main characteristic is a "melted" or blistered look to the screen surface. This problem is seen on many other makes of marine LCD screens, and I think this fix will suit most.

As noted on another thread, there is a company offering to do the Furuno repair for 400 USD. I personally felt my old unit was not worth that investment. So nothing to loose, off I went in search of a good hack for the Furuno.

The problem is damage to the polarization filter, which is adhered to the LCD glass panel. With direct sun exposure, especially the sort of sun we get down here at the equator, many of these screens come to an untimely end. The good news is, you can replace the filter yourself. Just takes a few hours of time, and some patience.

So, here is my breakdown of what to do to get your old screen back working, on the cheap.

Things you need:

Clean, well lit work area
Phillips screwdrivers, various sizes
Small cotton rags, as dust free as possible
Matte finish Polarizing Film, with adhesive backing, (do a google search, it is easy to find)
Razor blades
Plastic squeegee or rubber roller (preferred)
Sharp scissors


Download all the manuals from Furuno, and study the parts breakdown carefully.

Disassemble the unit, noting types and sizes of screws. If you have ever taken apart a laptop, this will be easy. Small cups help to keep things separate. Taking pics along the way is not a bad idea.

Once you get down to the display module, carefully unplug the ribbon connector and the power plug for the light. Unscrew the backlight assembly from the screen. Lift the whole screen unit out, being very careful to protect the back side of the unit (it is easy to scratch that film)

Take a close look at the outside facing surface, you will see that there is a layer of thick greyish plastic film stuck to the glass. This is the problem. It needs to be peeled off carefully. Start with a razor blade in one corner, and gently peel it back with your fingers. Do not flex the glass as you do this, or you get to shop for a new fish finder.

On the FCV-582L, there is a second film, of clear plastic. This is not a polarizing filter, and I have no idea what it is for. Mine was heat damaged, so I peeled it off as well. The unit seems to work fine without this film. Strange.

Still not cursing or bleeding? OK, next, carefully clean the glass using acetone, and your little cotton rags. The adhesive itself has a very foul odor for some reason. It actually seems quite toxic, you will see what I mean as soon as you start peeling. Wear surgical gloves. Get all the residue off the glass. The glass is attached to the metal frame with some sort of black adhesive on the edge. Be careful with the acetone, it would not be a good idea to disturb this bond.

Once you think the screen is totally clean and dust free, clean it again.

Next it is time to fit the new filter. This is again not difficult, just tedious. The new filter will have an adhesive backing, and you will need to cut it to fit with scissors. Peel off the backing, and stick it on. I wont go into the details, because it is very similar to the Ipad screen protectors, those you can find endless info online about how to install.

Once your satisfied, put it all back together, being careful that you don't bend those delicate connector pins on the two halves. A bit of silicone gel is a great addition on the o-rings and screws to help keep the sea out.

If you made it this far, power it up, and have a beer to celebrate your cheapness, green-ness, and awesome skills.

Best luck!

SV Loki
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