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Default Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat

I currently have a Lowrance X51 with a in hull 200kHz (not through hull or transom) transducer and a Garmin 162 GPS mounted on my Triton 220 LTS. I am planning on upgrading to a Garmin 2006C with the GSD20 sounder (transom mounted 50/200 kHz transducer).
My questions are:
1. Since the X51 is flush mounted on my dash and the unit is not worth selling, can I leave it in on the boat and have two sounders operating at the same time? Will one sounder have any effect on the operation of the other sounder (two sets of sonar waves in the water at once).
2. Is the Garmin GSD20 a good unit? The primary reason for my upgrade is that am offshore bottom fishing about half the time.
Thank you for your help.
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Default RE: Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat


1. In principle (technically?) there are supposed to be conflicts when you run two sonars at the same time. There is one school of thought that says you can't do it at all; a second school that says they can't be running both at the same frequency; and yet another that says if they are separated enough they can work.

All I know is that I have a FURUNO and a GARMIN GSD both installed on my boat. I have no problems running them both at the same time and on the same frequency and both transducers are VERY close to each other although one is a "through hull" and the other is an "in hull".

2. That being said, I would say that you will be somewhat disappointed in the GARMIN GSD 20. Although I am not a Lowarnce fan due to their reliabilty issues, they are good when they are working. Better than the GSD 20, IMO. You can't find a better plotter than the GARMIN, but you can find a better FF.
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Default RE: Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat

I'm a big Garmin chartplotter fan, but if I wanted to get a combo unit, I'd either go Furuno or Raymarine C-series. Get a big screen if you want to share duties! Garmin just hasn't gotten the hang of high end fishfinders yet.

Lowrance let me down big-time on reliability with the LCX-16CI I had in my boat, lasted 2 years after being replaced twice when it was new. It was awesome when it worked.
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Default RE: Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat

I can't reply on item 2, but I run dual FF/DF's on my rig (one on flybridge, one down below). Both use transom mount transducers (port and starboard). One is 192 kHz, the other is 50/200 kHZ. Both are 350+ watts RMS.

I have had good success. I see no difference in performance if I run one or both.
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Default RE: Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat

Absolutely you can use 2......if you can't then I need to take one of mine out. I'm using a 2010C Garmin with a GSD 20 module on the port side of the keel and a Furuno 600L on the starboard side. I have not seen any situation yet where there is any hint of interference between them. It is interesting to compare the echo pictures of the same targets in real time.

IMO, the GSD 20 is a decent FF, but the 600L is better. I just could not turn down having the redundancy for only a couple hundred bucks.......and it has been well worth that.
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Default RE: Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat

I do it all the time. I like to see what both shows on the same structure plus one as a back up.
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Default RE: Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat

I had three sonar units on my last boat. I found that they all interferred with each other but they were all at the same frequency. The effect was a series of hash lines and dots. Another boat has two at 50 and 200 and there's no interference running at the same time.
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Default RE: Sonar ? Can you run two units one one boat

My understanding from talks with Furono and Lawrance is that you can use more than one sonar/FF if they are running at different frequencies . . . I have used a 50 and a 200 KHZ at the same time with success.

Good luck on you setup.
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