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Default Old Wives Tale !

I went up to Georgia for a couple of days to go fishing with some relatives. And while we were there one of them ( she's about 68 years old) told me that when they were little.
If they had a nose bleed their mother would pull up their shirt, and lay a cold pair of sissors on their back and it would stop the nose bleed right away Has anyone ever heard anything like that? I've heard a lot of old wives tales but I think this one takes the cake. Any one else heard of this, or any more that I won't believe.
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Default Re: Old Wives Tale !

Never heard that one but I did hear that drinking water from the opposite side of a teacup will stop the hiccups. I tried it many years ago and it works. Also, scorching flour almost black in a hot iron skillet and then eating it will cure a stomach ulcer. My grandmother feed that to me 30+ years ago and my ulcer went away.
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Default Re: Old Wives Tale !

Never heard that one. My grandmother on my father's side was big into voo-doo (we're from South Louisiana) when he was a kid back in the 30's. He caught poison ivy so bad it nearly killed him at about 8 years old. She squashed the head of a lead-headed nail over a piece of jute, mumbled something in French, and tied it around his neck. Told him to wear it until it fell off. He says he wore that thing for about 5 years and it just fell off one day in the bathtub. He's never had poison ivy since, and I never have been bothered by it in the least. I can roll in it and not get effected. My sister gets it horribly, as does my mother.
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Default RE: Old Wives Tale !

Seemed like I was always getting a nose bleed when I was young.
I figure by the time you got to the house, found the scissors, got the scissors chilled, and found someone to press them against your back, the nose bleed will have pretty much run its course. That is if you were pressing against the side of your nose with your thumb, and not running about willy nilly looking for cold scissors.
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Default Re: Old Wives Tale !

my friend had a relative that bragged how he couldnt get poison ivy if he ate it. He tried it one day, and died because of it. true story!
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Default Re: Old Wives Tale !

Haha. Hey ya'll watch this. It is Darwinism at its finest.
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