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Originally Posted by THT Mod 9 View Post
That's it !!!!! Great flick!
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Grow it from seed. Tons of videos. Simple, considering it is a weed

From seed it flowers the third season. Even planting an existing plant may go dormant for a year without flowering.

I hunted through so much of that stuff in the fall and never realized the importance to butterflies.
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Originally Posted by spraynet 1 View Post
Any sources to purchase some?
Your local grocery store? Anise is the seed used in Italian sausage that has a licorice flavor. Very common.

Passion flower vines, not so much. They are available at Home Depot and Lowes. They are a tropical and won't take a hard freeze. But not expensive by any means.

Part of the beauty of a desert climate. I have plumeria, hibiscus, and other tropicals all over the yard. Even a papaya growing on the patio. But one hard freeze, I'm screwed.
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