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Default Another 150 hp outboard comparison

Few scandinavian boating magazines together tested hottest 150 hp:s on a 6m walkaround with total test weight of 1400 kg. Test was headlined "Two stroker was the fastest"

Prop Honda: HR 20'' Evinrude: Rebel 21'' Mercury: Mirage 17'' Suzuki: 21'' Yam: Pro series 21''

All values below are in order Honda/Evinrude/Mercury/Suzuki/Yamaha

topRPM(test) 6000 5100 6200 6000 5600

Speed knots
WOT 41,7 44,7 41,2 43,2 44,3
-500 37,2 40,3 36,5 39,4 40,3
-1000 32,6 33,8 33,4 36,4 35,4
-1500 29,1 30,0 29,5 32,0 31,7
-2000 25,5 24,9 25,6 27,8 26,0

Consumption liters/hour
WOT 53,0 61,6 74,0 54,7 55,8
-500 38,2 47,8 53,0 46,0 44,4
-1000 29,8 33,4 43,5 38,0 33,6
-1500 23,2 28,0 30,8 29,0 26,6
-2000 19,0 20,7 19,6 23,6 20,4

Consumption liters/nautical mile
WOT 1,27 1,38 1,80 1,26 1,26
-500 1,03 1,19 1,45 1,17 1,10
-1000 0,91 0,99 1,30 1,04 0,95
-1500 0,80 0,93 1,04 0,91 0,84
-2000 0,75 0,83 0,77 0,85 0,78

Sound level dB/A
WOT 86 87 87 87 87
-500 84 85 86 85 84
-1000 82 83 83 84 83
-1500 81 80 82 79 80
-2000 80 78 80 78 79


0-30 knots 9,2 8,0 7,3 8,9 8,3
15-30 knots 6,8 5,6 5,4 5,4 5,9

There can be typos.

Test was published in finnish Kippari- magazine. Conclusions:

E-Tech was fastest and almost as good in acceleration as verado. It's sound was most irritating.

Verado was thirstiest at high revs, but very economical at lows. Its acceleration was unbeatsble because of compressor. Smatrcraft was smart.

Suzuki's acceleration at planing speeds was as good as mercury's, and consumption at high revs was low, but at low revs high.

Yamaha was the fastest 4-stroker, and its overall consumption was good. Its noise levels and acceleration were average.

This is is quite in line with former test here, and this wasn't done totally trimmed in, I think. As one might guess I am planning to buy a boat with 150hp OB. For me it seems that all motors are such good and even, that I can freely choose the best offer or boat package. HPDI 200 sells here at about the same price as these though, and its extra power is quite alluring, but ist low rev vibrations is not.
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Default Re: Another 150 hp outboard comparison

Nice to see the data. Most of this could have been done with a dyno. That would take the prop out. Glad to see someone is trying. The factories have all these numbers on each others motors as well. The highs get into the advertising. You have to find the lows. Advertising rules this industry. Nothing negative will be printed, ever.

If you are going to buy a motor, go try all of them. Look into the gauge system. Do you like the new info bus stuff or is the traditional wiring better for your mechanic? Do you use it 10hrs or 500hrs a year? What is the maintenance schedules? Is there warranty where you use it? Will your insurance change by going to a 200HP? How many prop choices? Everyone wants to sell you theirs only.

Don't put too much into speed and acceleration in these test. That is very prop dependent. I recommend spending any extra money on the prop. For example, had the evinrude had the, mirage 17, very good prop, the acceleration would have improved but may have lost top end. 5100 rpm seems low for WOT. The Merc probably needs more pitch, 17 seems light in this test of 20 and 21s. Liters/mile and Liters/ hour still go to the prop. There is more that comes with the prop. Motor height is again prop dependent. The numbers will change again when you can move the motors up one or two holes. Better props allow these changes.

The best motor is the one that fills your needs the best. Only you know all of them.
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Default Re: Another 150 hp outboard comparison

Still, tracks pretty well with the pbr tests for relative performance. Numbers are obviously different given different boats and units, but the relative placement in each test is pretty consistent with what pbr found.

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Default RE: Another 150 hp outboard comparison

This is stupid . . . each motor is propped very differently.
You can see those types of performance differences just by changing the prop on the same boat and motor combo.
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Default Re: Another 150 hp outboard comparison

Well, it depends. If those are stock props that would normally be sold with the motors on that boat, then it's probably ok for the purposes of the test.

If they aren't, well then I agree that it isn't a very practical test. It comes down to who chose them, the mfg rep or someone else, and why.

But looking at the top rpm numbers, the sizing is suspect. I hadn't looked at that.
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