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fisher 19 04-01-2013 12:00 PM

reskining aluminum hull
hey can anyone help me out on a situation concerning my boat hull.
i have a 19ft. fisher avenger sport 1999 and it has major cracking isues on the hull,of corse these have occured after the purchase.i know a guy who does fantastic sheet metal work on his car restorations so because this may be a reacouring problem with no end ,we figured to just reskin the hull all the way back beyond the counsol area wich
would be about 10ft.[just the bottom from chines doun] because of all the tecnecalities
no welding and just rivets,by all this i mean going right over top of the exsisting hull,
all prep work for new riveting and bonding ,but no removals
[has anyone done this before]
todays date 4-1-13 appreciate any replies thank you.

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