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Default Installing surge brakes on trailer

I am looking at a used center console, but the trailer does not have brakes. It is a couple hundred pounds inside of legal, but i would prefer it have brakes.

How difficult is to install surge brakes on an axle that doesn't have them? Do you need to buy a new axle or can the brakes be retro fitted? Are brakes difficult to install?

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Default RE: Installing surge brakes on trailer

I just did this on my 94 Loadrite trailer. The original axle was too light duty for the load on it, and had no brake flanges on it, so I had a new one made by Champion Trailers with brake flanges. I got the brake kit from and installed it myself. Only tricky part was snaking the stainless steel brake line through the trailer frame, the rest was pretty easy. See if the axle on your trailer had square flanges just inboard of the bearing hubs, they will have 4 or 5 holes depending on the load rating of the axle. If so you don't need a new axle. The axle ran about 120 or so and the brake kit with everything was about 390 or so. Well worth it just for peace of mind. I towed this boat for the last 2 years without brakes and even if it is legal, it is not something you will feel comfortable with unless you don't go over 35 mph or so.
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Default RE: Installing surge brakes on trailer

If you put brakes on your trailer, do yourself a BIG favor and DO NOT BUY TIE-DOWN ...I wasted a lot of good money on these light dity, Mickey Mouse brakes and it gets worse...if(better: when) you have a problem, they're only solution is "remove the part, ship it to us, and we'll determine if it's a warranty issue" ...they don't even have techs to service your brakes if you drive up to their front door in Atlanta, much less anywhere else in the country ...
I wish I had bought Kodiak or Titan...much more heavy duty...
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Default RE: Installing surge brakes on trailer

Put Kodiak discs on there and you will be happier. They have a great warranty. I have had nothing but problems out of drum brakes...Good Luck
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Default RE: Installing surge brakes on trailer

I heard about the problems with the disc brakes, so I got the most corrosion resistant drums I could find (also Tie Down!!)
The funny thing is that Tie Down now makes a vented disc brake that looks like the Kodiak ones, and I see them on all the new Loadrites and Venture trailers. Some how they have become the OEM supplier to at least these 2 trailer companies for disc brakes, maybe more. I didn't go with the Kodiak discs only because if I had a problem, none of the trailer shops around here are familar with discs, drums they will look at. If I have to replace them every 3 years or so it is only 128 for a set of 2 complete backing plates. I put in the flush system so that should help.
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Default RE: Installing surge brakes on trailer

I won't get into the Tie-Down debate other than to tell you that I've had a set on for 3 years now with no problems at all and I never flush my trailer.

As for putting them on I will tell you this, I removed my drum brakes and replaced them with disks while at a camp ground, with the tools I remembered to toss in the truck before I left home. I started early in the morning before it got hot and I pulled the trailer out for a test drive before noon that day. I was alone, it would have been a lot faster if I would have had a helper to bleed the brakes and probably when pulling the new brake line too.

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