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Old 08-09-2004, 03:45 PM   #1
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Default pocket drives.......????

who has em and how do they work/perform???? .....................thanks.............jim
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Default RE: pocket drives.......????

Are you talking about a pocket tunnel on the hull?
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Default RE: pocket drives.......????

if you're talking about the Shamrock pocket drive, the general consesus I have heard is that the keel is the better way to go. More stability and better shallow water protection.
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Default RE: pocket drives.......????

Hi Jim - I know of a 32' Bayliner and a 28' Silverton that run them with great success. They definately draft a heck of a lot less than my v-drives on the Carver, and I haven't heard of any problems with performance.
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Default RE: pocket drives.......????

hi well the two boats i am considering the 26 strike or 24 topaz deisel both have pocket drives.....i am just trying to understand them......i have real skinny water in rhode islands ninigrit salt pond...........jim.............................
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Old 08-10-2004, 01:41 AM   #6
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Default RE: pocket drives.......????

I don't have a lot of time behind the wheel of boats with pockets, a couple in the 35' range on a couple of trips. The main drawback I see is in slow speed maneuvering. It seems to me that with the top half of the prop tucked up in the pocket, the wheels just don't quite push as much water as a prop hanging down below the boat, and therefore it takes a lot more throttle to walk and spin the boat. Like I said, this is limited experience on a couple of boats, so it may all be in my head. If you need the shallow draft, it is probably worth the trade off.
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Default RE: pocket drives.......????

I have a Shamrock 219 w/ "pocket" drive. I used to own a Shamrock w/ a keel drive. The pocket style is faster due to less drag (and gets better fuel economy). However, I do get some cavitation in rough water. About the time I get the cavitation, the ride is so rough that my teeth are beginning to loosen and I slow down, so this is not a problem for me. If you like to run flat out no matter what the conditions are, this may be an issue.

I haven't experienced any turning issues w/ either boat although I have never really learned how to get either boat to go in reverse where I want it to go.

If you consistently run in shallow water, the keel offers superb propeller and rudder protection. I hit a 2x4 w/ the pocket boat and dinged the prop. That never happened w/ the keel drive. I grounded the keel drive 3 times w/o damage. I don't go in really shallow areas w/ the pocket even w/ 6" less draft b/c I know I won't be as lucky w/o the keel.
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Default RE: pocket drives.......????

Many more boat manufacturers are offering prop pockets, as they are called, as an option. However, I think $40,000 is a bit steep, which is what Viking is charging. Of course, if I could afford aViking, 40 grand wouldn't be that bad I guess.

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