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Default Kenner boat experience

Last May, I bought a 19VX Kenner bay boat (Tracker Marine Group) from a dealer in Alabama that had a servicing dealer in Orange Beach, AL. This is the same service dealer I use for service on my Pursuit/Yamaha and he is fair and quick. I took delivery of the boat and there were several issues, not big, but things that needed to be taken care of. The problems were water spray coming from the 'corners' of the transom where a metal cap was installed, steering that was so hard my wife could not use the boat, stiff shift mechanism, horn did not work, boat was overpropped, hand rail around console was not bolted on and came loose, rusted trailor frame and bent trailor winch and just shoddy work in the wiring department. I took the boat to the servicing dealer several times but he could not get approval to do the work under warranty. He did replace the prop from his inventory @ no charge, at his suggestion (that's why I use him) but was frustrated with the lack of support he received from the selling dealer/mfg. After a couple of conversations with him, my son and I decided to fix the problems ourselves and got everything 'ship shape' but the steering, which we continued to have problems with. We took the boat back in a few more times, but the servicing dealer was not allowed to do the work and was very frustrated. Calls and emails thru the Kenner website went unanswered. This March we got the boat clean, gassed and ready to launch when we found out the steering was locked-up. More calls to Kenner (Tracker) and I was sent to several dealers throughout the state and panhandle and all said the same thing, if the steering is locked-up, it's corrosion and warranty does not cover that, nor does the warranty cover corrosion on exposed wiring under the console or anywhere else, this was also made clear by the Tracker rep I spoke with. Also, the service dealer is no longer affiliated with Kenner, and I can't blame him. With the components I inspected, all were corroded and were automotive type connectors. I replaced a few connectors, pulled the steering with help from Teleflex, replaced the nuts and bolts, etc. and hope to be up and running in a few weeks. I knew Kenner was a 'price' boat when I bought it and had read about Tracker's famous lack of support so I was aware of what I was getting into. These are not the Kenner's of years gone by as I hoped they would be and I would advise anyone looking at a boat of this type to use caution when they shop! Thanks for listening to me rant, it helped!
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Default Re: Kenner boat experience

Same with my 2004 Nitro 100 bay boat. What a piece or poo. No warranty help. I spent over $1400.00 to get it to a condition I could even trade it in. Took a beating on the boat but learned a lesson. Thanks Tracker Marine.

I now own a Triton and service / warranty could not be better. Thanks North Texas Marine.
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Default Re: Kenner boat experience

OOOPs should be Nitro 1800 bay boat ,,, Hull by Kenner.
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Default RE: Kenner boat experience

funny i just settled a lawsuit with tracker on a kenner product good luck.there warranty guy is a prick!!!!
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Default Re: Kenner boat experience

Yep...Ive heard nothing but negative since Tracker Marine bought them out. Sad to see that happen to what was a very good boat...Thats why I gave my money to Blazer Bay..............
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Default I am about to go down the Kenner/Fishmaster/Tracker road

Have fishmaster deep v 22' offshore style boat with large hook in transon.

Can't run at proper (according to suzuki) RPM levels - when you hit 5000 rpm it starts bouncing. when you try to trim up to get more rpm it amost jumps out of the water at 5200... how did you get your lawsuit settled?
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How did you fix the water spraying in at the corners? I have an '01 18 that does the same thing. It has never really bothered me but if it's an easy fix, why not?
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