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Default life span of gasoline

I wonder how long gas will last with stabilizer mixed in.Plan on moveing boat to another state and boat may be left over a year.Any suggestions?
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Default life span of gasoline

Good question For over a year

Another good question would be: Do you need to run your fuel system dry so that there is no fuel in the carbs or injection system
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Default life span of gasoline

easily for a year.

And yes empty the float bowl.If it's dry there is zero chance of varnish build up.
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Default life span of gasoline

I can only give an answer from the experience of doing it, not that its right or wrong. Every gas can (premix and regular) that I have gets fuel stabilizer added to it, including my outboard fuel tanks.

I do run my 25 h.p. 4 stroke outboard "dry" every time its hauled out of the water to insure the carb is empty or very close to it. I did the same thing with the 2 stroke it replaced for 10 years. Both have never had any carb issues that I'm aware of. They start right up every season. The gas tanks usually have gas that can be up to 6 months old in them (with the stabilizer). I haven't had problems that I'm aware of, but maybe they're just around the corner??? Remember though that when you run a 2 stroke "dry", you're also running it dry of keep it at idle when the fuel runs out!

After racing 2 stroke and 4 stroke motorcylces for 20 years, a lot of the "collector" bikes that we had sat for long periods of time. We found that the 2 stroke "premixed" carbs showed less signs of "varnishing" in the float bowls than their 4 stroke bretheren.
Like I said at the beginning of this post: I can only give an answer from the experience of doing it, not that its right or wrong.
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Default life span of gasoline

I have had my boat out of the water for 2 years. I put in stabilizer and ran it with a hose occasionally to keep it in shape. Over the two years it has ran with no problems. I will soon be taking it back out again (thank God!) but will first sea trial it again to see how it performs.

But so far that tank of gas is still running the motor ok. I'm not sure if there is still a chance of varnishing or not, even though it has the stabilizer...
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Default life span of gasoline

Its tough to say. There have been posts made in the past that gas sitting for three weeks goes bad, others stating that it lasts a heck of a lot longer. Somewhat similar to the debates on which brand of 2 stroke oil to use.
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