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View Full Version : GPSMAP 180 Replacement

03-28-2012, 07:02 PM
Have a Montauk with a Garmin GPSMap 180 that has gone bad. I am looking for a replacement. Really just knock around in the middle keys a couple times a year so looking for some suggestions for affordability. Would consider a unit that I could move back and forth between this and the GW 232.

Other than a VHF there are no other electronics on the Montauk, The GW has an older Garmin GPS that is close to being DOA as well, an ancient TV size Depth finder and a RL9 radar.

Ideally if there was a setup up I could install mounting and wiring for one unit on both boats as they are never used simultaneously, that would be great.!!

As always suggestions and comments appreciated.


03-28-2012, 07:21 PM
the most direct upgrade is the garmin 541s. it is a great little unit, easy to use and reliable. It comes preloaded with maps of the east and west coast. they can be had right now for around $600 or so. you can order two transducers, an extra power wire and spindle mount and it can very easily be swapped between boats. right now garmin is offering a $200 rebate on the unit when purchased with a G2 Vision card. the vision card is not necessary, but normally costs around $300 and adds some cool features to your charting.

If your looking to spend less, the 441s is the same unit but with a 4 inch screen instead of 5.

if you're looking to spend a bit more, the 546s is the same size as the 541s but has a faster processor and higher resolution screen.

the s in the model name stands for sounder and indicates the unit is capable of accepting a transducer for depthsounding and fishfinding. you can save a few bucks by ordering non-s branded versions if you don't care about depth. none of these units come with a transducer, which start at $65. there is a possibility that your old transducer may work, but it's probably not worth keeping.

if you're looking REALLY budget minded the cheap solution is probably lowrances elite series. the 4 inch version can be had under $400. the 5 inch is also very affordable. they both can come with built in charts and sometimes include a transducer. They will not be quite as nice or easy to use as the garmins, but they are capable little units and certainly worth a look.

sorry for the long answer.

03-28-2012, 07:27 PM
No matter what system you get you can always buy an extra power/dat cable..they are cheap.

Also, look into the Raymairne A57d..mid $600. and a very reliable unit.

03-29-2012, 08:16 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. I am just learning the details on this stuff so pardon my ignorance. Two additional questions. Maps and Transducers.

I exclusively use these boats in the FL keys and would like detailed maps of inshore and backcountry as well as offshore. In the GW I have gone as far as 15-20 miles beyond the reef and would like to have maps that cover that area. (I have gone beyond the map in the GPS that is currently in the GW)

I definately want a transducer for fish finding/ depth etc. I have read there is a wide range of prices on transducers, I am hoping that for my limited use there is one that will do the basics that is reasonably priced. Any recommendations on what that transducer would be? AlexCT mentions $65 which sounds very reasonable, what would that be and what are its features / drawbacks.

03-30-2012, 07:12 AM
The GPS unit on the GW is a Garmin 2010. When I said it was close to being DOA as well I was refering to the fact that it has a horizontal line across the screen and turns off in rough seas sometimes. I don't know if there are units that are compatible with the wiring already on the GW. I am just trying to keep my costs down right now because of the limited use of the boats. I hope that next year I will be able to increase usage, so I am willing to make some investment.

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