Marine Electronics Forum - Connect different brands through NMEA?

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03-27-2012, 10:40 AM
Just had a quick question: If I install a Garmin 4212 at a lower station with an Airmar transducer, and hook it all in to a NMEA 2000 backbone, can I then put some other brand of combo unit (i.e. Lowrance) at an upper station and just hook that into the NMEA backbone? Would that allow me to get all of the position and sounder information? Thanks for the help!

03-27-2012, 10:45 AM
Yes, both units will talk to one another and you would get position and depth information, however you would not get a visible sonar on the other screen. For that you would need two networkable Garmin plotters.

03-27-2012, 12:09 PM
Here's an example .......

I have a Garmin 740 connected via N2k backbone to a Simrad NSS8 using the NSS8's embedded sonar. Here is the data that is available to the 740 from the Simrad's embedded sonar. The data is being displayed using Garmin's Homeport planning software. All this data was saved by the Garmin using track history points.

Homeport displays ....

Track history from the Garmin 740.

Data associated with each Garmin track history point (user selectable)

Graphical depth display of the track history points.

Homeport has a playback feature that let's the user run an entire track of the days events. I use it to find new structure at the end of the day. I always mark waypoints when a strike occurs or when I see structure not plotted on the chart.

Video of playback feature.

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