Marine Electronics Forum - Installing a Garmin GPS antenna to a Raytheon Chartplotter

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03-27-2012, 06:44 AM
I'm installing a Garmin 17x antenna to an older Raytheon RL70 Chartplotter. The Raytheon manual reflects the wiring as follows Channel 1 NMEA data input (+ve); return (-ve) : Channel 2 NMEA data input (+ve); return (-ve).
The Garmin manual reflects the wiring as Rx A(+), Rx B(-), Tx A(+) and Tx B(-). Am I wrong to ass-u-me that Channel 1 input (+ve) connects to Rx A(+) and Channel 1 return (-ve) connects to Rx B(-), and so on??? And should I connect both Channel 1 & 2 to the GPS antenna?

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